You have your seedlings planted. Now What? 10 Most Important Things for Year One

Investment in high-quality genetics has proven to result in increased profits, but it doesn’t happen without your help. Like any high-quality product, special treatment is required to realize the maximum potential. Follow the recommendations in this article and from your ArborGen reforestation professionals. When you practice good silvicultural methods, you will reap the rewards of […]

ArborGen’s John Pait to speak at breakout session of FLA 2015 National Conference

The 2015 Forest Landowners Association National Conference of private landowners will feature breakout sessions that will give great educational information to forest landowners. ArborGen’s John Pait will lead a session entitled “Introduction to Silviculture (Genetics and Forest Management)” that will help teach landowners how to get the most productivity off their lands to maximimze profits. Look for […]

ArborGen Customers Dwight and Judy Batts named 2014 National Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year by The American Tree Farm System (ATFS)

When consulting forester Robert Mazur of Wilson, North Carolina learned his clients Dwight and Judy Batts were the 2014 recipients of the ATFS Outstanding National Tree Farmer award, he certainly wasn’t surprised. The Batts bring new meaning to the phrase “hands-on” landowners. Their land has been in the family since 1886, when Dwight’s great-great-grandfather purchased the […]

16-Year MCP Data Further Validates Increased Bottom Line

When ArborGen SuperTree Seedlings® unveiled field trial data on our 12 year old MCP® tests, we were able to validate what we have communicated to our customers – an investment in MCP increases your bottom-line. Now we can put an exclamation point to that statement. In this presentation, you will see the results of our […]